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Subject Core Courses (Semester IV)



1. Specialization: Marketing Management 
1 i. Marketing 4.0
1. ii. Marketing Strategy
ii. Marketing Strategy
Financial Management
i. Financial Laws
Current Trends & Cases Finance
3. Human Resource Management
3. ii. Current Trends & Cases in Human Resource Management
4. Specialization: Operations & Supply Chain Management 
4. i. E Supply Chain and Logistics 
4. ii. Industry 4.0
5. Specialization: Business Analytics
5. i. Strategic Supply Chain Management 
5. ii. Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications
6. Specialization: Pharma & Health Care Management 
6. i. Pharma and healthcare regulatory environment in India
7. Tourism & Hospitality Management 
7. i. Tourism and Travel management
8. Specialization: Rural & Agribusiness Management 

 Specialization: Marketing Management 


 i. Marketing 4.0 

This subject core course targets on describing the various concepts associated with Marketing 4.0. Understanding the importance of 5A’s in Marketing 4.0. Demonstrating the application of concepts of digital marketing, new productivity metrics, Human-centric marketing, Omni channel marketing to the real world of the digital economy. Distinguishing between traditional and digital marketing practices in a given real-world context to be effective marketers. Assessing how technology & connectivity has changed human life and business in the context of real-world commodities, products & services. Developing strategies to create WOW! Moments with customer engagement.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)


 ii. Marketing Strategy 

This subject core course targets on describing perspectives of market strategy. Understanding the intricacies of competitive marketing situations and ways to handle each situation. Applying a market strategy through integrating concepts like product life cycle, adoption, and segmentation, branding, pricing, distribution, and market communication.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: Financial Management 


 i. Financial Laws 

This subject core course targets on defining and describing the basic concepts related to Financial Laws. Understanding the implications of various laws, Explain concepts and details of various financial laws. Applying to Make use of contextual financial laws applicable to organizations. Applying the application of financial laws to organizations. Evaluating the benefits of applicable laws to the organizations.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 ii. Current Trends & Cases Finance 

This subject core course targets on knowing the concepts related to emerging areas of Microfinance, Small finance banks, Payment Banks, Start-Ups, SHG and Digitization, and analytics. Applying the various theories and models of financial management in the case. Analyzing the situation and decide the key financial as well as non-financial elements involved in the situation. Evaluating the financial impact of the alternative on the given case.

 (Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: Human Resource Management 


 i. Organizational Diagnosis & Development 

This subject core course targets knowing the major theories, concepts, terms, models tools, and frameworks in the field of Organizational Diagnosis & Development. Understanding the concept of OD and ‘intervention’. Learn to make use of the Theories, Models, Principles, and Frameworks of Organizational Diagnosis & Development in specific organizational settings. Analyzing the external and internal environment with the right tool of diagnosis and review the role of consultant in OD. Learn to identify & map an intervention to organizational needs. Designing the role of the consultant for an organizational issue.

 (Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 ii. Current Trends & Cases in Human Resource Management 

This subject core course targets to describing the conceptual framework of Digital Disruptions and its impact on the current HR Trends. Understanding the impact of Current HR trends on HR Functions. Illustrating value creation & competitive advantage of Technology on current HR Trends. Analyzing the changing role of HR Priorities. Evaluating the various types of current HR Trends. Creating the existing Tech tools to real-time HRM Challenges and offer

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: Operations & Supply Chain Management 


 i. E Supply Chains and Logistics 

This subject core course targets to describing the structure of modern days Logistics. understanding the key concepts of Supply Chain Management and the – driving forces in contemporary Supply Chain Management. Learn to apply the various flows in real-world supply chains and Logistics. Know the importance of documentation. Establish a relation and the distinction between push and pull strategies in Supply Chain Management. Analyzing the impact of tracking system linkage in Logistics. Evaluating the key Operational Aspects of E-Procurement. Learn to develop a framework for e-logistics.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)


 ii. Industry 4.0 

This subject core course targets knowing the industrial revolutions and its different aspects. Understanding the role of technology pillars of Industry 4.0. Demonstrating the use of data in effective decision making. Analyzing the need for a cyber-physical system for sustainable competitive advantage. Evaluating the challenges faced by various industries in the full-fledged
implementation of Industry 4.0. Developing a framework for any organization using a base of Smart Industry Readiness Index Proposed by Singapore EDB.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: Business Analytics 

 i. Economics of Network Industries 

This subject core course targets describing the differences in the nature of information goods as opposed to traditional goods and services. Understanding the characteristics of the markets for network products. Applying the characteristics of the cost structure of information
goods and its implications for the pricing of information goods w.r.t. price
discrimination, versioning of information goods, and bundling. Analyzing the pros and cons of keeping products compatible, and strategic aspects of the decision regarding compatibility. Evaluating the role of complementary products, compatibility and standards, switching costs, and lock-in in network industries. Developing the economics of Internet advertising, and the business model of zero pricing.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 ii. Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications 

This subject core course targets identifying knowledge associated & represent it by logical sequence and plan a strategy to solve a given problem. Understanding AI’s fundamental concepts and methods. Applying various machine learning algorithms on structured data to develop machine learning models. Analyzing advanced Data Analysis skills through algorithm and search processes. Evaluating the logical and functional processes to develop the model. Creating solutions for various business problems using AI techniques.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: Rural & Agribusiness Management 

 i. ICT For Agriculture Management 

This subject core course targets to getting introduced to the basic terminologies related to ICT. Understanding the use of ICT with different aspects & various issues & challenges for ICT information services. Learn to apply the GIS Applications in micro resource mapping. Analyzing the different tools and techniques used under ICT in Agriculture Management. Evaluating the common ICT platforms for information services. Creating the right ICT as per the requirement of agriculture activity.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: Pharma & Health Care Management 


 i. Pharma and Healthcare Regulatory Environment in India 

This subject core course targets to understanding various environmental factors affecting on Pharma and Healthcare industry. Studying various laws applicable to the Pharma and Healthcare industry. Applying the situation and identity the right legal way to solve the problem. Evaluating the right type of IPR as per the content and work available to protect. Elaborating on the different laws developed by constitutions to support and protect the Pharma and Healthcare sector. 

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: Tourism & Hospitality Management 


 i. Tourism and Travel management 

This subject core course targets to understanding various components of the Tourism Industry & Types of Tourism. Understanding the basic operations of a Travel Agency & tour conduction. Applying theoretical knowledge to design various tour packages & work on costing for the packages. Analyzing changing trends in Travel & Transport industry- Domestic & International. Evaluating the impacts of the Tourism Industry globally & practicing of Eco-Tourism. Building new concepts of Eco-Tourism according to customer requirements.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

 Specialization: International Business Management 

 i. Global Trade and Logistics Management 

This subject core course targets to knowing the economic significance of trade along with the logistics processes. Understanding international trade theories and applications in business. Identifying various environmental factors associated with international business. Analyzing various modes and practices of International logistics. Evaluating activities involved in the entire logistics Process in international business. Creating the appropriate strategy of operations for global trade and logistics.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)

8. i. ICT For Agriculture Management
5 i. Economics of Network Industries
9 Specialization: International Business Management
9 i. Global Trade and Logistics Management
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