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GDPI Sessions                                           23 May 2022

Report on Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GDPI) Sessions at TIMR

Research Prima                                     28th.29th  May 2022

Day of Reading                                      18th June 2022

June 19th is celebrated as “A Day of Reading” to honour the life and works of P.N. Panicker, a teacher from Kerala.   More........

Effective Management in today’s world       27 May 2022

Effective management in today's world is crucial for businesses and organizations to navigate through complex challenges, technological advancements, globalization, and evolving market demands. 

JSPM NAAC Visiting                                  12th June 2022

Industrial Visit Katraj Dairy                    11th June 2022

11th - Industrial Visit Katraj Dairy  

Seed Plantation                                           17 June 2022

“Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom,  and a little flower.”  – Hans Christian Andersen        More....... 

Capital Marketing                                   22th.23th  June 2022

22 & 23 June 2022 - Capital Marketing

GDPI Sessions                                      29th July 2022

We all know that recruitment process nowadays is not a cake walk process. It is complex than it used to be in earlier times.

 Placement Congratulation                          August 2022

 Independence Day                            15 August 2022

Flag Hoisting Ceremony: The event commenced with the ceremonial hoisting of the Indian national flag by the college principal/professor/esteemed guest, accompanied by the national anthem.

 Placement Drive                          30 August 2022

Yoga Day                                            21 June 2022

21st June 2022 - Yoga Day

Capital Marketing                                   27th July 2022

Knowledge sharing session is an activity through which knowledge: namely, information, skills, or expertise is exchanged among students and teachers.

Industrial Visit Katraj Dairy                    2nd July 2022

2nd july 2022 - Industrial Visit Shirgaun

Industrial Visit JNPT                          5 August 2022

5 August 2022 - Industrial Visit JNPT

Examination Photograph                      24th August 2022

Examination Photograph  24 August 2022

Ganpati Celebration (Pooja)                      2 September  2022

Ganapati Celebration is an annual festival honouring Lord Ganesh, widely revered as the remover of obstacles and the harbinger of good fortune in Hindu culture.

Teachers Day                                           5 September 2022

September 5th is celebrated as “Shikshak Parva” “Teachers day” to commemorate the birth anniversary of the former president of India.

Industrial Visit Mahabaleshwar                October 2022

Nirmalya Collection                                  7th October 2022

Collection of religious waste during Ganesh Festival and Navratri Utsav.



 Navratri                                           26 to 5 Oct 2022

Navratri Celebration in college campuses is an annual event that embraces the vibrant cultural heritage of India, fostering a sense of unity, enthusiasm, and camaraderie among students and faculty.

FDP on CO PO                                  7th October 2022

Reading Day                              15th October 2022

As declared by Government of Maharashtra every educational institute celebrated 15th October as “Reading Inspiration Day” because Reading helps everyone to grow mentally, emotionally & psychologically & open the doors of new knowledge to enlighten the mind.

Diwali Celebration                               22 Oct 2022

22nd October 2022 - Diwali Celebration

A Debate compition on contribution of janajati Heroes in freedom Struggle               15 Nov 2022

Industrial Visit Katraj                                 7th October 2022

28th November 2022 - Industrial Visit Katraj

Guest Lecture                                 26th Dec 2022

26th Dec 2022 - Guest Lecture Digital HR

Induction 2022                                     25 Nov to 2 Dec 2022

Induction program was conducted from 25th November 2022 to 02nd December 2022. 25th November 2022 was the Inauguration session

Guest lecture                                  15th Nov 2022

 Shudha Bijapoti Book Inauguration        5th Dec 2022

5th  Dec 2022 - Shudha Bijapoti Book Inauguration

Poster Making Compition        28th Dec 2022

28th  Dec 2022- Poster Making Compition

Poster making                                     1 Jan 2023

1 January  2023- Event on Poster making Compaction For 1st Year

Savitribai Phule Jayanti in TIMR               3 Jan 2023

3rd January 2023 - Event on Celebration Savitribai Phule Jayanti in TIMR

Placement Drive For 2nd year                12th Jan 2023

12  Jan 2023 - Placement Drive For 2nd year (TIMR & TCOER) student (DTDC Company)

Event on Makar Sankranti Celebrations     14th Ja2023

14 Jan 2023 - Event on Makar Sankranti Celebrations on KJ campus with TIMR & TCOER 1st & 2nd Year with under the all faculty Guidance

Knowledge Sharing Session Activity Presentation                                                                    2nd January  2023

2nd January 2023 Knowledge Sharing Session Activity Presentation

Event on verbal communications               11th Jan 2023

11th  Jan 2023 - Event on verbal communications by Miss. Monali Thakur at TIMR

Event on EADR                             13th Ja2023

13 Jan 2023- Event on EADR (Enterprise Analysis & Desk Research) Presentation For 1st Year

Event on Wish you Happy Birthday        24th Ja2023

24 Jan 2023 - Event on Wish you Happy Birthday to Hon'ble Founder, President Shree Kalyanji Jadhav Sir

Online Guest Lecture                                    31 Jan 2023

31 Jan 2023- Guest Lecture - Online Guest Lecture on the topic of Entrepreneurship Development - Power of Ideas Held by Dr. Joycee Chattarjee

Event on Sports                                  28 Feb 2023

28 February 23- Event on Sports held by KJ's Educational Institute ( MBA Boys Cricket Match)

 Event on Sports                                    1st March 2023

1 March 2023,  - Event on Sports held by KJ's Educational Institute ( MBA Girls Box Cricket Final Match )

Event on Ad-Mad Advertisement     2nd March 2023

2 March 23 - Event on Ad-Mad Advertisement Held on Seminar Hall TIMR College

 Event on Malhar 2K23                             3rd  March 2023

3rd & 4th March 2023 -Event on Malhar 2K23 ( Dancing ,Anchoring, Song and  Fashion Show) ( DJ NIGHT )Promotion of Marathi Movie [GET TOGHETHER]

Guest Lecture                                            7th   April 2023

7 April 2023,  - Event on Guest Lecture held in TIMR College by Mr. Harshit Gupta on topic Linkdin - how to growth linkdin marketing

Event on Days Celebrations on MIS-MATCH DAY                                                                  27th January  2023

27 Feb 2023 - Event on Days Celebrations on MIS-MATCH DAY held at TIMR College

Event on Sports                                                           28 Feb 2023

28 February 2023,  Event on Sports held by KJ's Educational Institute ( MBA Girls Kho-Kho Match )

Event on Traditional Day                             1st March 2023

1 March 23 - Event on Traditional Day at KJ's Educational Campus

Gravity 2k23                                         2nd March 2023

2 March 23 - Event on KJ's  Educational Campus Opening ceremony Gravity 2k23

Event on World's Women Day                  3rd  March 2023

9 March 23  - Event on World's Women Day

 Prize Distribution                                    17th   April 2023

17 April 23 - Event on Prize Distribution Held in KJEI Auditorium by Hon'ble Guest Shri Kalyan Jadhav KJ College ( Founder & President)

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