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 Trinity Start Up & Entrepreneurs Cell (TSUE) 

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or an organization. The entrepreneur develops a business model, acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure. Most of the time an individual has ideas that can be translated into business having a potential of scalability, but due to lack of information, guidance, financial & other resources, these ideas collapse, before bearing fruit.

Identifying the need of the hour, Trinity Institute of Management & Research provides the students with a platform where these ideas can be discussed & translated into a business enterprise. One of the objective of Business Management Education is to foster entrepreneurship. There are very few individuals with a natural bent of mind towards starting an independent venture. It has been observed on an average that,1-2 % of MBA students are interested in starting their own enterprise. Trinity Institute of Management & Research aims at churning out more entrepreneurs. 

With this sole objective, TIMR has started its “ Trinity Start Up & Entrepreneur Cell” or TSUE. 

TSUE provides the student with a platform to come up with their Ideas, discuss & if feasible convert it into business venture. TSUE provides complete guidance process to student right from generating ideas, making of business proposal to inception of enterprise. 


Entrepreneurship Development today has taken a place of utmost importance in the economic development of any country. Entrepreneurs are therefore the new age developers of industrial development which in turn creates more employment opportunities leading to increase in per capita income and higher standard of living.

Entrepreneurship Journey – Expectations Vs Reality


Entrepreneurship is a high-risk/high-reward venture. In today’s world, more and more individuals are shedding conventional wisdom about securing the 9-to-5 and going out there to chase their dreams. People like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are revered around the world. Few actually manage to succeed, though: as many as nine out of 10 new enterprises fail. Reality is often far from expectations.

TIMR has organized a webinar on Entrepreneurship Journey- Expectations Vs. Reality with Mr. Pankaj Salunke, Business Head, Annatih Agro. The aim of the webinar is to make students and staff aware of what is entrepreneurship, what we expect when we are planning to start a business, and what exactly we face when we actually start doing it.


  • To encourage students to create employment for themselves & create jobs for others.

  • To understand the concept of entrepreneurship & entrepreneurship journey.

  • To understand how to learn from your mistakes & negative experiences to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • To understand how to deal with the situations an entrepreneur faces while running a business in reality.

Resource Person

Mr. Pankaj Salunke, Business Head, Annatih Agro. He has Visited 8 countries for International Exhibitions & Trade Delegations single-handedly, launched a Subscription-based product for Pune City, Product design, and launch products in 4 metro cities via distributors, product presence across various channels. He has also worked with Tejkansh Agro LLP & M-Tech Innovations, conduct webinars at Trinity Institute of Management and Research for students and faculty.

Impact of the Event

1. The webinar talked about entrepreneurship and its journey.

2. Webinar underlined the concepts like idea generation, screening, market research & money generation.

3. It makes students aware of the critical situations in business, how to tackle negative experiences & how to raise money for the business.

4. The response to the webinar was overwhelming and repeat/new webinar will be held for upcoming MBA batches.

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