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The only thing that is constant in Academics is Research. The changing times bring with them demands for new ideologies, new concepts and actions to enhance the thought mobility of students as well as Faculty. It takes passion and inquisitiveness to re-visit an idea, explore, unexplore and re-explore it and then present a new dimension to the same. Technology has opened doors for researchers to delve into the depths and bring about useful and productive elements to the existential thoughts and concepts.

Sochdhara – Lets Research, an initiative by TIMR’s Research Committee, aims to develop and enhance the urge to research in its students. Human being is inquisitive by nature. So are the students. The only difference being that for students research as a word is not a very promising activity, and that ideology needs to be revamped. Through Sochdhara, the awareness amongst them shall be built as to research being a part of their daily lives.  



  • The research vision of the TIMR is to become a leading hub for innovative and collaborative research that transforms the thought process of students through knowledge and systematic discoveries.

  • The aim is to provide a sound and supportive research infrastructure to students, that in turn will also minimize the administrative burden on faculty, maximize the effectiveness of funds generated by research projects and attract dynamic researchers to our community.

  • We dedicate ourselves to helping our faculty and student researchers and improving research services by meeting challenges through innovative interdisciplinary team efforts and creative problem solving.

  • We dedicate ourselves to assessing policies and targeting trends in research in order to advance and achieve institutional initiatives.


  • The mission of Sochdhara is to develop and implement a research strategy that promotes TIMR as a leading hub for research activities. The college provides the infrastructure, leadership, training and resources to promote integrated scholarly activity, enhance research productivity.

  • Improving people's lives through meaningful innovation


  • To provide resources to faculty, students and staff that stimulates research and other creative endeavors.

  • To develop infrastructure and policy that promotes creativity and an entrepreneurial culture.

  • To facilitate and enhance partnerships and collaborations between faculty, government, foundations, industry and global research enterprises.

  • To ensure that policies and educational programs generate both a culture of innovation and compliance on the TIMR campus.

  • To foster a diverse and inclusive work environment that respects the principles of Community and encourages work-life balance for all staff.

  • To communicate the value and impacts of research to the world.


Sochdhaara shall be essentially a discussion based platform. The discussions shall then provide opportunities to students to write on the topics of their choice. This may also be done as collaboration between the student and faculty. Proper guidance shall be provided to the students and efforts shall be taken to even publish the writings or sharings of the students at eminent platforms.

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