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Program Structure​

Course Types:

Foundation Course: These courses focus on developing the basic abilities that support the understanding of other courses.

Core courses: Core courses are the compulsory courses for all the students. Core courses are of two types: Generic Core & Subject Core.

Generic Core: Generic Core courses are compulsory as a core requirement to complete the requirement of a degree in a said discipline of study. Hence, Generic Core courses are mandatory and fundamental in nature. These courses cannot be substituted by any other courses. Therefore these courses are also called Hard Core Courses.

Subject Core: A Core course may be a Subject Core Course if there is a choice or an option for the candidate to choose from a broad category (grouping) of subjects (specializations/electives). These are also known as Soft Core Courses.

Elective Course: Elective course is a course that can be picked from a pool of courses.

They may be:

a) Very Specialized or advanced course focusing on a specific aspect

b) In line with the discipline of study

c) Facilitating an extended scope

d) Empowering an exposure to some other discipline/domain

e) Nurturing candidate’s proficiency/skills


Combination of Options:

A student may opt for any combination of earning the 22 credits assigned to Generic Elective (GE - IL) courses and Subject Elective (SE - IL) courses through

e) Generic Elective (GE - IL) courses

f) Subject Elective (SE - IL) courses

g) Open Elective Courses

h) Major + Minor specialization combination

i) Foundation Courses

j) Enrichment Courses

k) Alternative Study Credit Courses



PO and PSO

Trinity Institute of Management and Research offers two years full time program of Masters in Business Administration (MBA) affiliated to SPPU Pune University. The Curriculum and Syllabus comply with outcome based education. Each course in the program demonstrates different outcomes and they are mapped with POs and PSOs


PO1    Generic and Domain Knowledge 
PO2    Problem Solving & Innovation 
PO3    Critical Thinking 
PO4    Effective Communication 
PO5    Leadership and Team Work 
PO6    Global Orientation and Cross-Cultural Appreciation
PO7    Entrepreneurship
PO8    Environment and Sustainability 
PO9    Social Responsiveness  and Ethics 
PO10  LifeLong L




       PSO1    MBA graduates shall acquire rational decision making and 

                     professional ability through the multidisciplinary knowledge                         and skills.

       PSO2    Students will be proficient in their area of specialization

       PSO3    Students will attain required business expertise and become                         socially responsible citizens.

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