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1. Strategic Management: 
2. Enterprise Performance Management : 
3. Startup and New Venture Management:  
4. Summer Internship Project (SIP) 
5. Managing for Sustainability  

 Semester III 

 Strategic Management: 

This core course targets at the root level understanding of the management strategy. Know the concept and levels of Strategies like - Corporate, Business, and Functional. Get to know the various facets of Strategic Management in the real-world context. Learn to analyze the Company’s Internal Environment. Understand & study to integrate the aspects of various focused parts of management to develop a strategic perspective. Analyze the nature of problems and challenges confronted by the top management team and the approaches required to function effectively as strategists. Develop the capability to view the firm in its totality in the context of its environment.



 Decision Science: 

This core course targets at root level understanding of the importance of the Decision Science & role of quantitative techniques in decision making. Know the concepts and models associated with Decision Science. Understand the different decision-making tools required to achieve optimization in business processes. Apply appropriate decision-making approaches and tools to be used in a business environment. Learn to assess various facets of business problems and develop problem-solving ability. Apply decision tools in the present business scenario.

(Source: SP Pune University’s MBA syllabus- Revised-2019)


  Summer Internship Project (SIP) 

This generic core course targets to offer an opportunity to the students to acquire On-Job skills, knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions along with the experience needed to constitute a professional identity. SIP provides platform to the students to have an actual feel of work atmosphere and gain a real time experience about job. Understand the functioning of various departments in an organization and know the interdependancies. Developing a perspective about business ecosystem and at the same time explore a career opportunity in the area of interest.

* This generic core course allots 6 credits.

 Six Sigma: 

Six Sigma Program Is Designed To Help You Master Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies. Become A Key Stakeholder In Leading & Implementing Six Sigma Projects In Your Company. The Lean Six Sigma certification helps in validating professionals who are skilled in identifying risks, errors, or defects in a business process and removing them.


With the SAP Certification program, you can enable continuous learning, keep skills up-to-date, and stay connected with new cloud product releases, while assuring and validating the highest standards of SAP solution expertise across your organization.

 Semester IV 


 Enterprise Performance Management: 

We are working on it. We are eager to fill the information.


 Indian Ethos & Business Ethics: 

We are working on it. We are eager to fill the information.

Add on Courses

Add on Courses

Six Sigma
6. Dissertation 
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