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Trinity Institute of Management & Research gathers curriculum feedback about courses from its stakeholders such as the Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Employers. The Academic Council was formed in order to ensure and analyze the academic excellence at student and faculty levels.

TIMR’s Academic Council performs a periodical analysis based on –

i. Student performance,

ii. Faculty performance semester wise,

iii. Infrastructure utilization & gathering of data required for quality improvisation.

Each academic year, the Trinity Institute of Management & Research carefully reviews the curriculum and upholds norms for IQAC to achieve consistency in delivery and quality improvisation measures. In the supervision of IQAC, various departments and committees like Career Guidance, Anti-Ragging, and Sexual Harassment Committee, etc. strengthen the curriculum by incorporating updated information and day-to-day social issues.

TIMR Institute gathers the responses (physically/online) from the stakeholders’ viz. Students, Faculties, and Parents on Curriculum as recommended by the university, further college website invites all stakeholders to provide feedback online or in person. Suggestions and the feedbacks are collected during the Alumni Meet which is held annually. Feedback from management and professionals are obtained through the college web site's feedback blog. The feedback obtained is presented to the Academic Council Meeting for necessary for subsequent action & improvisation in the curriculum. At the alumni association meeting held each year, the alumni surveys are conducted. Whenever any alumni visit the college, feedback is taken. Further, the college website invites alumni to provide feedback online. Feedback is also sought from the corporate industries, small and medium establishments, and professional bodies.

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