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Marketing Management (MKT)


 Specialization: Marketing Research: 


This subject core course targets on identifying and describing the key steps involved in the marketing research processes. Understand various research designs, data sources, data collection instruments, sampling methods and analytical tools and summarize their strengths & weaknesses. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical framework that market research needs to operate within. Analysing quantitative data and draw appropriate Inferences to address a real life marketing issue. Evaluating a market research proposal for a real life marketing research problem and evaluate a market research proposal. Plan and undertake qualitative or quantitative Market Research and demonstrate the ability to appropriately analyse data to resolve a real life marketing issue.



 Consumer Behaviour: 


This subject core course targets on concept, characteristics of consumer behaviour.




Specialization: Financial Management (FIN)


 Financial Markets and Banking Operations: 

This subject core course targets on knowing the structure & components of Indian financial system through banking operations & Financial Markets. Understand the concepts of financial markets, their working and importance. Exemplify the working and contribution of Banks and NBFCs to the Indian Economy. Analysing the linkages in the Financial Markets. Evaluating the various banking and accounting transactions. Develop necessary competencies expected of a finance professional.


 Personal Financial Planning: 

This subject core course targets on understanding the need and aspects of personal financial planning. Understanding the investment options available to an individual. Identifying types of risk and means of managing it. Determining the ways of personal tax planning. Evaluating retirement and estate planning for an individual and design a financial plan. Creating a financial plan for a variety of individuals.




Specialization: Human Resource Management (HRM)


 Competency Based Human Resource Management: 


This subject core course targets on defining the key terms related to performance management and competency development. Understanding various models of competency development. Applying competency mapping. Analysing competencies required for present and potential future job roles at various levels and across variety of organizations. Designing and mapping their own competency and plan better and appropriate career for themselves. Developing a customized competency model in accordance with the corporate requirements.




 Employee Relations and Labour Legislations: 


This subject core course targets awareness of important and critical issues in Employee Relations. Understanding & and relating legislations governing employee relations. Demonstrating an understanding of legislations relating to working environment. Analysing the role of government, society and trade union in ER. Evaluating aspects of collective bargaining and grievance handling. Creating the relevant provisions of various Labour Legislations.



Specialization: Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM)


 Services Operations Management – I: 


This subject core course targets on describing the nature and CHARACTERISTICS of services and the services economy. Understanding the service design elements of variety of services. Applying service blueprinting for mapping variety of real life service processes. Analysing ANALYSE alternative locations and sites for variety of service facilities. Evaluating the service orientation at variety of service facilities / organizations. Creating flow process layouts for variety of services.




 Supply Chain Management: 


This subject core course targets on Describing the key concepts of Supply Chain Management and the –driving forces in contemporary Supply Chain Management. Understanding the structure of modern day supply chains. Identifying the various flows in real world supply chains. Comparing and contrasting push and pull strategies in Supply Chain Management. Evaluating the key Operational Aspects in Supply Chain Management. Creating the relationship between Customer Value and Supply Chain Management.




Specialization: Business Analytics (BA)


 Basic Business Analytics using R: 


This subject core course targets on identifying opportunities for creating value using business analytics and describe the basic concepts in Business Analytics, Data Science and Business Intelligence. Understanding the applications of Business Analytics in multiple business domains and scenarios. Applying a thought process to think like a data scientist/business analyst. Analysing data graphically by creating a variety of plots using the appropriate visualization tools of R. Evaluating the right functions of R for the given analytics task. Creating various tools and functions of R programming language and use them in live analytical projects in multiple business domains and scenarios.



 Data Mining: 


This subject core course targets on defining the key terms associated with Data Mining. Understanding the various aspects of Data. Applying classification models. Analysing using clustering models. Evaluating appropriate association analysis and anomaly detection tools. Combining various data mining tools and use them in live analytical projects in business scenarios.

1. Marketing Management (MKT)
2. Specialization: Marketing Research: 
3. Consumer Behaviour: 
4. Specialization: Financial Management (FIN)
5. Financial Markets and Banking Operations: 
6. Personal Financial Planning: 
7. Specialization: Human Resource Management (HRM)
8. Competency Based Human Resource Management: 
9. Employee Relations and Labour Legislations: 
10. Specialization: Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
11. Services Operations Management – I: 
12. Supply Chain Management: 
13. Specialization: Business Analytics (BA)
14. Basic Business Analytics using R: 
15. Data Mining: 
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