Student Council




  • To develop leadership qualities and sense of  responsibility among students .

  • To make students of TIMR aware of functioning of TIMR

  • To contribute to overall development of  the Institute by being involved in the policy development

  • To develop cordial relation among student, faculty, Director and management of the Institute.


       Student Council Members                   

     Sr. No            Name of Staff                               Designation
         1                 Ms. Nisha Malviya                          President
         2                 Ms Harshada Dhok                        Vice President
         3                 Mr. Vivek Damodar                        Secretary
         4                 Mr. Shashank Adwanikar              Student Member
         5                 Mr. Vineet Ranjan                           Student Member
         6                 Mr. Gaurav Pareekh                       Student Member
         7                 Ms. Shivani Pathak                         Student Member
         8                 Ms. Simran                                       Student Member
         9                 Prof. Sonali Joshi                             Faculty Representative