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We, at TIMR, Pune invite brilliant, talented, ambitious, promising young boys and girls with creative and innovative ideas to become top executives/managers in leading national/multinational/foreign companies. Company requirements are ever-changing and so is the pedagogy. Corporate is always looking for effective and efficient business leaders who can create innovative ideas and executive the same with speed and accuracy to achieve excellence. Today, education does not mean merely an accumulation of knowledge which gives a student a technique to get a job or earn a livelihood but means a continuous process that makes him/her truly intelligent.


Every country has specific educational needs to compete in this global village. Education embraces a county’s heritage, cultural values and establishes a system to spread the light of knowledge. As a true educationist, we must allow students to blossom freely. The need for the 21st Century is to give students a comprehensive education fostering intellectual, social, and aesthetic development.


We aim to train students holistically by encouraging them to strive hand towards excellence in every field. We try to inculcate in them the awareness of their responsibilities towards society. We endeavor to impart education at par with the best management school of national repute and make our institution a center of knowledge and excellence. We are committed to develop the potential and nurture the talent of each and every student at TIMR, Pune.


Dr. Preeti Sharma